Power to the People!

3 december 2018

Due to perseverance in a long period of time, an attractive background and a bit of luck, I was contacted by the Karo Schnelle of "We Call You" casting agency.
My material from a previous encounter popped up, thus prompting her
to connect me with the photographer Harry Weber for the "DGB" [German Trade Union Confederation] 2019 European Election campaign.
The moment I walked in the door for the gig, good vibes were received.
Really good photographer, good production and a good project.

Not Quite Hal

21 november 2018

For a new innovative voice project through BMW, I lent my pipes to their future models, to test the interaction of computer to human, sort to speak. (no pun intended)

"A Humble Squirrel"

29 october 2018

The cast agent from "55 Steps" thought of me yet again for the film production of Ziegler Film's, "The Forgetful Squirrels" and I thank you.

"Do You Wanna Drive My Car..."

30 september 2018

The future is here! Just when you thought the whole "George Jetson" motif was not to be realized, out comes the new automobile: with computer system and all. Playing the innovative businessman, I help Sympathiefilm Berlin to create a film featuring yours truly and this advanced technology. And I'm all about the newfangled.

"The Babbel Blues"

11 august 2018

For the latest project through the language learning company Babbel, the film production group C'est La What has taken the reign to create the end product with myself as an interesting added character, specifically, a blues man with guitar.  In spite of a long, hot day inside a local Berlin concert hall shooting the scenes of the project, we made it through the day. Expected: a bit of disarray. Unexpected: fellow colleagues passing out & low imparting.


30 july 2018

Beech Studios in southern Germany and Dynafit Sports brand came together for a campaign to promote the sports dealer's products.  They came up with a commercial that has epic potential, due mainly to it's scale: a whole week's filming; through the country; all over the city and even up in the mountains (no pun intended)!!  The production team from Beech were a young motivated crew and though the working ethic was at times a bit shambolic, it was pleasant to work with them all in all. 

A Cook's Book

25 june 2018

The summer kicked off the "Euro Tour "of the writer Christopher P. DeLorenzo for this newly published book called "Kitchen Inheritance".  One of the passages consist of a recipe from yours truly, thus my friend, brother, sistah, partner in crime, requested that I read along with him during an event in Berlin at the Private Roof Top.
The presenation was well received and very well fed!


31 may 2018

Per the suggestion of a blogger I came across, I've been able to connect with more voice over folks and landed a gig by the name "Target Training Solutions" immediately with Tal Elliot of the Explainer Video Company. Great to work with him. 

"Praise for Ricky Watson"

19 april 2018

This is a shout out to the player of the video game project I participated in called "The Surge".  It means a great deal to me to have my work acknowledged in that I then know I have done some good for someone in the field of work I love so much and am very grateful to be able to make a living with it.
So, with no further ado, thank you very much Mr. Cam Ormond for reaching out & the kudos!

Helena & Me

22 march 2018

After editing, finalising and a name change, the film Eleanor & Colette based on the true events of Eleanor Riese finally has come into fruition as the press screening in Berlin has taken place in preparation of its Germany release.
As I have expressed before, it was a great honour and privilege to have been able to work with the great Helena Bonham Carter; such a cool learning experience as well as being allowed first hand to interact with not just her character of the story, but directly with the artist herself. 



"...I Don't Belong to You, You Don't Belong to Me..."

20 february 2018

Now, what seems like quite a long time after completing the film,
Freedom was officially premiered in Berlin, Germany, 
thus widely released to the delight of not just its creators,
but viewers as well.  

Check out the trailer here

Just One Bite...

7 january 2018

And that's all it took for our detective in this film noir short "Cannibal Cop" to fall from grace.  The film focuses on the power of addiction.  Cellardor Film in Munich, Germany had hear me speak and were likewise addicted to the timbre of my voice, thus I myself recorded the narration via my own studio for the project.  
I truly enjoyed voicing the 1940's style genre of the narration.

Heeeeere's Donny!

4 december 2017

For a little revamping and retexting of the original script, Deck13 Interactive Studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany contacted me to schedule sessions here in Berlin at a local recording studio, (where Depeche Mode famously recorded back in this Berlin Golden Years), and revive my old friend Don Hackett from "The Surge" saga.  Was great fun and I got to work again with my American colleague, Adam Hetenyi.

"Livin' the Life" 

14 november 2017

I got to meet a fun, festive fellow actor during my shoot in south Germany for a real-estate firm regarding an ad for buying homes, hence the term, "better living, better life".  Great to have had the chance to work with such a pleasant colleague on this project, unfortunate however that such a nice experience as a whole was limited.