"I want everyone to know that you can trust and expect a very high level of professionalism from Ricky.
He is a master of his craft." 

Wilfred Lee


"I just finished playing the game "The Surge", which Ricky Watson voice acted the character Don Hackett, and I have to say the work was absolutely moving.  

The character seems on the face to be just another annoying expositor, yet in the end he managed to craft such a compelling character that truly pulled me in to his depressing end.  I don't think I have ever felt such an intense connection to a character's story before.

Thank you for your incredible work and breathing life into what would otherwise be a miserable character trope."

Cam Ormond


"The performance piece "Heimat" ("Home") is full of amusing, yet interesting clichés. One can only be joyfully entertained, especially by the playful and comical acting of Ricky Watson, who can also belt out a tune quite well."

"The songs, sung by people who don't know where their home is, make one reflect.  In particularly poignant is when Ricky Watson (Mojo) sings in the language of Luganda."



“Ricky Watson embodies the roll of Burcan in the rock opera 'Feen' where he immediately dances and sings his way into the hearts of the audience!"
bkz online 


“…thanks to the athletic, acting and vocal performances by Ricky Watson as boxing legend Joe Louis, you come out of the show with a black eye...”



“There are no vocal hurdels left undefeated, particularly through the voice of Ricky Watson.”

Halberstaedter Tagesblatt


“When the supporting voices come out on stage, the show seems to takeoff and the voices tend to steal the show from the principal characters. This is particularly true of Ricky Watson, a tapdancer with a comic flair.”

The Independent


“Ricky Watson is absolutely charming.”

theater pure