Rightful Existence

7 september 2020

A contractor of a gig for a voiceover out of southwest Germany, albeit pleasantly recorded in Berlin-Weissensee:

When it comes to a matter of basic survival yoking basic work?

That is so Dec. 31, 1999.


From Russian with...

12 august 2020

After a many changes, tweaks and refashioning, a Russian-based recording studio and I came to an agreement and the little German children of the Teutonic-speaking world were able to revel in my sonorous timber.


Cup a Joe?

8 july 2020

Direct from the German harbor city a local model agency Exit along with a Berlin advertiser enjoyed my casting so much, it lead to a "pleasant" contact person interaction, an early morning, extensive train ride and tip-toeing through a damp room, thus a coffee commercial is created...

...at that all my 2 seconds worth.

"A Voice of Comfort"

23 june 2020

From an astral distance in the land of Bavaria I was contacted to advance my voice to gladly ensure the listener, literally, they are provided for.


6 may 2020

The TV series "The Queen's Gambit" filmed in Treptow, Berlin deals with the life of a star chess player dealing with success, fame and the booze, which is where I come in.


"What's  the T?"

18 april 2020

As with many bits of knowledge that I have had the opportunity to be made aware of since residing in a particular part of the world, I always want to find out much more. Luckily, this happened with a project based on American Sociologist Humphrey Laud's study of the so-called tearoom, where men meet one another, clandestinely.

Get the "T".